About TP&C  

We love transfer pricing

A keen interest in gaining a sound understanding of your business model is the basis for our consulting services. What are the idiosyncratic features of your business, which processes contribute value added? We listen to you and find transfer pricing solutions that are aligned with your entrepreneurial goals. To us transfer pricing isn’t an isolated niche in the realm of taxation, we rather focus on optimizing the interaction between your controlling, accounting and tax department in regards to transfer pricing issues.


Our approach to transfer pricing, our philosophy

Applying the arm’s length principle in a pragmatic and creative way is what characterizes our services. To us, high quality consulting services should be judged by delivering tailormade solutions that work. The hallmark of a sound transfer pricing system and a viable documentation is a clear and comprehensible line of argumentation. Transfer pricing is not an exact science. Hence, the basic idea is not to conceive abstract or perfect solutions and to provide guarantees for tax viability purposes, but rather to ensure alignment between your transfer prices and your business processes – which will go hand in hand with ensuring compliance with the arm’s length principle.

A 90 page transfer pricing documentation will not offer you three times the comfort level of a 30 page documentation. Instead, aligning transfer pricing with business processes will translate into a sensible comfort level and put you in a decent position for tax audits.


Our background

TP&C was founded in 2017 by me, Dr. Oliver Treidler. The purpose of TP&C is to offer you high quality services based on the philosophy outlined above.  Prior to founding TP&C I was a Senior Manager for transfer pricing at Roever Broenner Susat Mazars in Berlin. I learned the ropes of transfer pricing working for PwC (Frankfurt) and Deloitte (Hamburg). My professional roots lie with the Deutsche Lufthansa, where I started working as an airline professional in the accounting department. Academically, I have devoted my time to intensive studies of the economics of European integration and the institutional framework of the EU. A detailed CV as well as a list of my current transfer pricing related publications are available on this homepage.


During the next couple of months TP&C will hire professionals that share our philosophy.    


Transfer Pricing & Controlling