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From time to time, we like to sit back, take a breath and think about what happend in the course of the last months. It is also an opportunity to thank our business partners (and team members) and recap some events and workshops. Yes, sometime we also dare to look ahead a little. Since starting TP&C, I have managed to write about the main developments on a (almost) bi-annual basis. The earlier blog posts (in German) are available on our German homepage. Going forward I vow to also blog in English from time to time (also I think it is time our team contributes on these posts as well). A translation of the last blog from Summer 2022 will kickoff the english blog... Happy reading 



The summer holidays are approaching (two weeks to go) Considering that the last couple of weeks were rather intense, I am very much looking forward to some time at the beach. [Read More…]

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2023 Good Start, Good Outlook, Changing Times

…I know, not having published a blog post in 2023 until May 8th is a bit embarrassing (after having vowed to blog). [Read More…]

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Summer break 2022 - Our team is growing

Alright, it’s August again - so half of 2022 is already over. [Read More…]

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Annual review 2021 and a look ahead to Q1 2022

And Q4 2021 is already over… [Read More…]

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From time to time we are invited to participate in online seminars and conferences - often in collaboration with our business partners. In case the hosts publish the content on YouTube, you can find a a respective link below; 

Currently, videos are available on the following issues:

Transfer Pricing in Germany - General Overview (May 2023 - with Quantera Global)

Transfer Pricing for InnerSource (November 2022 - with

Transfer Pricing Developments Poland, Germany, Austria and The Netherlands (July 2021 - with Quantera Global)

Transfer Pricing Developments in Germany (June 2020 - with Quantera Global)